"Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult. (...) Anyone can complicate. Few are able to simplify. To simplify you have to remove, and to remove you need to know what to remove (...) Remove instead of adding means to recognize and communicate the essence of things in their essence. "(Bruno Munari, Spazio Abitabile, 1968).

The project of kindergarten Kàlos is a readback operation of a space will become the first place for socialization and education of children. The system dominated by a succession of large vaulted rooms are characteristic features of this space. The choice of leaving the possibility that these can be used as a single fluid place, is the basis of this space changeable. The simplicity sought is necessary to accommodate the complexity of the actions which will animate the space: the move around of children and their games are the richness of a place so conceived.

PROJECT: Centro per l'infanzia Kàlos


YEAR: 2012

STATUS: Realizzato

TYPOLOGY: Micronido

SITE: Palermo, Via XX Settembre

AREA: mq. Interni 230,00, mq. Esterni 250,00

BUDGET: circa 200.000 €